First Christian Church of Wilton Manors Welcomes You Home

We are so glad that you came to our site and we welcome you to our church family! We believe in Jesus Christ as the only Son of God, who is Savior and Lord and trust in Him alone.  We also believe that the Bible is God’s Holy Word, His “Love Letter” to us and "Instruction Manual" for life.We invite you  to look over the list of ministries, Bible studies, and fellowships that we offer.  We would love to welcome you in person and invite you to join us for any of our worship services or outreach programs.

Once again we say Welcome!


A Thanksgiving Thought

We have been so accustomed to thinking of Thanksgiving in terms of gratitude for material blessings and nature's bounty, that we find it hard to think in terms of being grateful for God's gifts that are hidden in experiences we resist or try to avoid.


Let us thank God for the opposition we have had to meet, the resistance that has forced us to put forth our best effort, the disputes that have compelled us to re-examine our arguments and eliminate the flaws.

Let us thank God for the risks we have had to take, that brought out hidden strength.

Let us thad God for our critics who tell us the about of ourselves.

Let us thank God for some of the enemies we have made, for to have no enemies means that we have not taken issue with wrong, defied any evil, or rallied to the defense of the oppressed.

Above all, let us thank God that good has often come out of evil; that struggles we would have preferred to avoid, have turned into blessings; that confident in His love and goodness, we have found strength and courage to face whatever comes "to run the race that is set before us", through our Lord Jesus Christ.